Words to Walk By: A Discipleship Guide through the Sermon on the Mount is a resource for mentorship partners, small groups, and churches who are seeking common ground for understanding Jesus. Born in the context of Pastor Chris Rattay's urban Los Angeles church, this book is designed to be read across class, race, and levels of Biblical literacy.

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Words to Walk By
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Chris's Story

Author Photo. T. Aaron Smith, Christian Book and Christian Ebook Author: Author of Thriving in the City: A Guide for Sustaining Incarnational Ministry Among the Urban Poor

In a world that's too often divided by race and class, the Church ought to look a little bit different. Chris Rattay's book provides a resource for mentorship partners, small groups, and congregations who are seeking common ground for understanding Jesus across race, class, and familiarity with the Bible.

As we return to Jesus' words in the Sermon on the Mount, all Christians -- new and seasoned, rich and poor, of every ethnic background -- are reminded of how much learning and growth is before us. Recognizing that we're all in the same place before God, Rattay invites us into learn from each others' experiences as we face the ever-challenging 'basics' of living for Jesus. 

Rattay's book is loaded with examples from his experience as an inner-city pastor and a cross-class resident of both East Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA. Each chapter ends with thoughtful questions that invite everyone to contribute to the conversation about what it means to follow Jesus. It is an ideal book for anyone who wants to follow Christ with their neighbors. 

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