Women of Color Finding & Restoring Hope in the City

Shabrae Jackson Krieg & Janet Balasiri Singleterry, Editors


What does it mean to be a woman of color in mission? Who are the women of color who labor for peace and justice in our world? And why are our stories so hard to find?  In this book you will find a compilation of stories by Christian women of color who are living and working in urban poor communities around the world. As the reader you are invited to listen to the call and the need for diversity in mission and to see the uniqueness that women of color bring.

Read an excerpt from Voices Rising:


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Voices Rising
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Voices Rising is a compilation of the stories of many women of color in mission.  In these writings themes of belonging, identity, calling, loss, privilege and more emerge, outlining the difficulties in this type of work and challenging the image of missions while calling new voices to help shape the narrative.  This group of authors have also journeyed together in embracing their own call in an evangelical environment that does not always see or hear them with clarity or fullness. It traces the discourse of intersectionality, margin, colonialism and scripture—aiming to invite and encourage all women to participate in the mission of God within our world and in whatever they may do.  

Each story outlines the joy and grace we have found working in the margins of our world. The empirical data used by the United Nations and many other groups employ a variety of colorful words in how to define and describe a slum, a squatter settlement, an urban neighborhood.  But for the authors of this book, these spaces are home.  We find ourselves here and despite the challenges we have grown, we have found hope and we have been taught by those who we went to serve.  The communities represented in this book move beyond data and are defined by the people that we have come to know and what we have found in this space of margin.  This too forms part of the narrative—what we find when we respond to God’s call.

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Foreword — Sandra Maria Van Opstal
A Note From the Editors — Shabrae Jackson Krieg & Janet Balasiri Singleterry
Introduction — Shabrae Jackson Krieg & Janet Balasiri Singleterry
Bringing a Dish to Share with the World — Michelle Kao Nakphong
Escaping and Returning to Sal Si Puedes — Annabel Mendoza Leyva
Deborah’s Song — Jennifer Chou Blue
Until the Darkness Becomes Light — Robyn G. Barron
Emmanuel, God with Us — Teresa Ku-Borden
Step by Step with Jesus — Claudia Salazar
Finding My Center — Rachel Christine Braithwaite Davies
Girl, You Need Jesus! — Janet Balasiri Singleterry
From Zimbabwe to the World — Beauty Gunda Ndoro
Privilege, Fragility, and Grace in the Margins — Jennifer Chi Lee
Called to Remain — Emma Silva Smith
The Voices that Shape Us — Mini Mathai Palmer
Bittersweet Gospel — Grace Weng
Black Girls Do — Shabrae Jackson Krieg