Seeds of Joy: The Healing Power of Story-Prayer is a handbook to a uniquely-effective prayer-based healing model. Dr. Dorothy Mathieson brings together insights of theology, neuroscience, and over 40 years in mission and ministry to support those who wish to help others in their healing. 

Seeds of Joy
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“I found Dorothy and George to be gentle, accepting, theologically trained Christians with a sincere heart to research and critique the most effective understanding of Christian healing. Their simple approach is informed both by neuroscience and the idea of practicing the presence of Jesus. It does not engage with the pain story or pain identity from that story until there is a connection with stories of joy, involving an experience of the incarnational God through creation, others, ourselves. This is a rare experience for most of us, particularly for those whose identity has been formed out of stories of neglect or abuse in relationships. A different sense of self unusually blossoms in the telling, recording and listening back. This is gold in my opinion, a tangible experience of being loved by the God of love.”

–Vanessa Daughtry, Clinical Counselor & Lecturer in Counseling

Dorothy's Story

Author Photo. T. Aaron Smith, Christian Book and Christian Ebook Author: Author of Thriving in the City: A Guide for Sustaining Incarnational Ministry Among the Urban Poor

Those who minister in contexts of trauma hear stories of personal struggle and tragedy almost daily. We have heard Christ's promise that he is present in these stories, but where? And how can we gently and safely invite others back into their greatest pains to find him?

Dorothy Mathieson and her husband, George, have spent decades developing the LIFE story healing process in order to give a practical, reliable answer to that aching question. Decades of ministry first in the world's poorest communities, then with international students from countries hostile to Christianity, and then with weary and overburdened ministers, provided the foundation for this unique prayer rhythm.

Now, Dorothy offers the LIFE story healing process to those beyond the reach of her Australia-based ministry. This general-audience book can help both ministers and laity become a healing presence for their neighbors-- not through therapy or good advice, but through listening and prayer in the presence of Jesus. 

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