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Launched in 2015, Servant Partners Press is dedicated to supporting the growing movement to work alongside the urban poor. We publish theological reflections, narratives, and training materials that speak to God's transforming power in the inner cities and slums of our world.

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Bree Devones Hsieh

 Servant Partners Press Publisher: Bree Devones Hsieh

Bree has lived and worked in the urban poor community of Pomona, California, for the past fifteen years, along with her husband Tom and their two children. She often finds herself in the middle of new things as they develop, and thus has led in many different ministry capacities, both in Pomona and with Servant Partners.

This includes launching or developing the Recruiting, Communications, international internships and Member Care departments at Servant Partners. She currently invests in the arts community in Pomona by organizing local arts leaders and serving on the board of the Millard Sheets Art Center at the L.A. Fairplex. She paints, both on canvases and on her dining room walls, and is a published poet. She serves as an elder at her home church and is a member of the preaching and teaching team there.



Elizabeth Addison Rhea

Elizabeth Rhea has been drawn toward today's movement to work alongside the urban poor for as long as she can remember. She is happy to find her place in this movement, utilizing her talents and training in writing, editing, and promotion to support increased awareness of, and engagement in, this important work.

Over the next few years, Elizabeth hopes to contribute to the creation and distribution of several high-quality and incredibly important books as Servant Partners Press takes off.

Raised in a relatively poor community herself, Elizabeth feels genuinely and deeply at home in the vibrant and messy city of Pomona, California, where she now lives in a semi-intentional community with five of her closest friends and her dog, River.

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