A Mission Reflection: Vancouver

Editor's Note: We will occasionally publish reflections from our work across the world. In these articles, you'll see Servant Partners mission in action. The publications of Servant Partners Press reflect that mission.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Thanksgiving

From Krista-Dawn, co-team leader in Vancouver:

Thanksgiving (October 12 in Canada) is a big weekend for charity in our neighborhood, and typically people will go and wait in long lines to be served food (you can see photos of the meal at the Union Gospel Mission in The Vancouver Sun.) Many people do not have access to kitchens or cooking utensils, or do not know how to prepare the traditional holiday foods.

This year, our team helped seven families cook their own Thanksgiving meal for their family and friends. We partnered with fifteen university students who were visiting our neighborhood on a short-term school project. Amanda was the student who came with me. So my daughter, Gabriella, Amanda and I went over to Julia's house.

Julia moved here three years ago from Mexico City with her parents and sister. Julia's parents own a coffee shop now. We have begun some Bible studies with them after Julia's mother came to a prayer service and had a powerful experience of healing prayer for her liver. Julia does most of the cooking for the family and she was eager to learn how to make the traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Together, we made a turkey, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes and two pumpkin pies for her family to eat that night for the first time.

She agreed to teach me how to make Pan de Muertos for November 1st, the Day of the Dead. We continue to have many conversations about praying to Jesus, and this will be another opportunity to talk more about the power of Jesus.

Posted on October 3, 2015 and filed under reflections.