A Mission Reflection: Middle East

Editor's Note: We will occasionally publish reflections from our work across the world. In these articles, you'll see Servant Partners mission in action. The publications of Servant Partners Press reflect that mission.

Middle East - Rose Sees the Light

From Maya, our team leader in the Middle East:

One day my Arabic tutor, Rose (who is Muslim), came over to the house looking very upset. She had gotten into a fight with her husband and was ready to call it off. She told me that at the end of the week, as soon as she got her paycheck, she was going to leave him and find a new place to stay.  She asked my opinion, and I told her that it didn’t seem like the best idea to me, as broken relationships make God sad, and it would be really hard on her three kids.

So my teammate and I began to pray.  Every morning we would lift up my tutor and her husband. And every afternoon, as I met with her for lessons, she would continue in the same line of thinking — she was fed up, and moving out was the best solution.

Then Thursday rolled around — payday.  As my teammate and I were praying, the doorbell rang. It was Rose. She had showed up ten minutes early.  I invited her to join us in the prayer room to ask and see if God had any wisdom for her concerning her relationship with her husband.

We began to listen, asking God to give us a word or a picture. After a bit of time, Rose shared that she saw something, but did not know what it meant.  She saw a big black rock that looked like it was boiling, and then she saw a white light coming and taking the black boiling thing away. We began to pray again, asking God to explain what this picture meant. 

After a bit of time she said, “The boiling black rock is my heart, and the bright light is God, coming and taking the boiling black rock away."  We prayed in agreement with Rose, that God wanted to remove her heart of boiling stone, and bring her light.

That day, Rose left the house determined to work things out with her husband -- and she did. God brought light to the darkness in Rose’s life.

Posted on October 8, 2015 and filed under reflections.