A Mission Reflection: Middle East

Editor's Note: We will occasionally publish reflections from our work across the world. In these articles, you'll see Servant Partners mission in action. The publications of Servant Partners Press reflect that mission.

Middle East - I Want What You Have

From Joy, a team member in the Middle East:

After my housemate, Mary, returned from a trip upcountry to see her family, I was able to give her a copy of the Bible.  She is so excited about it and keeps telling my host sister and another woman now living with us, “Joy gave me a special gift.  Please do not touch it.”

A few days later as we were cooking Mary turned to me and said, "I hear that Jesus can forgive you of all the wrong things you’ve done.  I want to do that but I don’t know how.”  I responded, “ I do.  We could do that now.” 

As we lifted up her desire, in one of the most simple and beautiful prayers I’ve heard, she experienced a bright light in which there was “no room for darkness.”  Excitedly, she explained to me that ever since she had been asking questions about what I believe she has seen lights like stars, but this time as she closed her eyes there was nothing but light.

Thankfully we were able to study a few more passages and topics of maturity together before she needed to return home to her family.  I recently talked to her on the phone and she is doing well.  She continues to love to read the special book I gave her and is so grateful for the forgiveness that comes with following Jesus. This was such an encouragement to me as I recalled the promises God gave to me in coming to this land.

Praise God for our new sister.  Please pray for her to gain strong roots.  Please pray that someone else in her home town will be able to come along side her and help her gain deeper understanding of what she now loves.

Posted on October 23, 2015 and filed under reflections.