Media Release: Servant Partners Press Releases New Book and Launches New Branding Campaign

Servant Partners Press publishes book that explores the wealth-poverty divide; launches e-commerce print and e-book shop

Pomona, California — Servant Partners Press, a division of Servant Partners, an interdenominational evangelical organization that addresses urban poverty issues worldwide, has published its inaugural book and launched a new marketing campaign to expand the press’ audience.

The book, The Great Chasm: How to Stop Our Wealth from Separating Us from the Poor and God, examines how affluence (even middle-class wealth in the U.S.) affects our relationships with the poor and God. The book’s author, Derek W. Engdahl, explores this “great chasm,” or divide, and how to bridge that chasm through the parables of the Gospel of Luke, particularly Luke 15 and Luke 16.

“The chapter I continually found most intriguing and convicting was Luke 16, with the parables of the Shrewd Manager and the Rich Man and Lazarus,” Engdahl said. “I began to see this chapter as a lens to view the many teachings on wealth and poverty in the Bible.”
Servant Partners Press published Engdahl’s book this year. It has received numerous positive reviews and has invited many readers on a journey to bridge the “great chasms” that may have arisen in their own lives. This year, the press also launched a new website, a new marketing and branding campaign and an e-commerce print and e-book shop.

“Derek’s book is a journey of not only wealth and poverty. It is a journey of the heart,” said
Bree Devones Hsieh, Servant Partners Press publisher. “We worked hard this year to build a campaign to support his work so that his engagement and perspective on bridging the divide between rich and poor reaches readers who will benefit from that wisdom in their own lives.”

Hsieh was hired as publisher in May 2015; prior to taking on that position, she was Servant Partners branding coordinator.

An additional staff member and a Denver-based consulting company were both hired this year to assist with developing a comprehensive marketing and branding campaign for the press and The Great Chasm.

Following the publication of The Great Chasm, Servant Partners Press will publish a second book in early 2016, Thriving in the City: A Guide for Sustainable Incarnational Ministry Among the Urban Poor by T. Aaron Smith. That will be followed by a third book, by urban pastor Chris Rattay, to be published in late 2016.

To schedule an interview with Engdahl, or for additional information about the press, please contact Bree Devones Hsieh, Servant Partners Press publisher. Media resources, including images of Engdahl, a sample review copy of The Great Chasm, and additional resources about the book can be found under the “Media Resources” heading of the Great Chasm page on

About Servant Partners Press:

Launched in 2015, Servant Partners Press is dedicated to supporting the growing movement of Christians who are choosing to live and work alongside the world’s urban poor. The press publishes testimony, story, and training materials that speak to God’s transforming power in impoverished communities. Books and materials will be published in both print and e-book formats.

About Servant Partners:

Servant Partners works alongside the urban poor to find Christian-based strategies to empower those living in impoverished communities worldwide. The organization partners with local and relocated leaders to create churches that transform their urban poor communities.

About Derek W. Engdahl:

Derek W. Engdahl is a General Director of Servant Partners. Since 1998, he has lived in an impoverished community in Pomona, California with his wife, Lisa, and their daughter, Natalia. Derek and his family have worked to build relationships with their neighbors and have sought local and citywide changes that benefit the poor.

In addition to overseeing the mission of Servant Partners and supervising many of Servant Partners’ international field sites, Derek continues to work locally with the Inland Community Organizing Network and OneLA (both broad-based organizing networks within the Greater Los Angeles area), neighborhood Bible studies, and his local church, where he serves as an elder and teacher. He was a contributing author for the book Living Mission: The Vision and Voices of New Friars.


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